Casa Verde, Palmetto Bay, Roatan, Lot B17.

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January 31, 2024
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Casa Verde, Palmetto Bay, Roatan, Lot B17.


Casa Verde, Palmetto Bay, Roatan, Lot B17.

House - Roatan Bay Island

Welcome to Casa Verde in Palmetto Bay, a brand-new beacon of beach lifestyle excellence, where the serenity and security of a gated community meet unparalleled amenities and the exotic allure of Bali-inspired architecture. Here, amidst verdant landscaping and the gentle sea breeze, you discover not just a home, but a luxurious retreat designed for the most discerning tastes.

Step through the doors of this newly constructed marvel to find an
oasis of tranquility and style. Nearly completed its solid hardwood
construction is crafted with meticulous attention to the Balinese
aesthetic, every space in this home is a testament to elegance and
harmony, from the intricately detailed decor to the seamless integration
of indoor and outdoor living. The covered screened porch, surrounded by
lush greenery, becomes your serene hideaway, where the whispers of the
ocean invite relaxation and contemplation.

This sanctuary of
modern luxury doesn’t just cater to your need for beauty but also
functionality, with three restful bedrooms, each fitted with air
conditioning for your comfort, and two indulgent bathrooms, including a
tub for ultimate relaxation. The open living and dining area, with its
high ceilings and elegant ceiling fans, is designed not only for
elegance but also for comfort, capturing the essence of sophisticated
yet comfortable living.

At the heart of this home lies a stunning
kitchen, a confluence of beauty and practicality, adorned with an
island and equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, inspiring culinary
adventures and gatherings.

But the uniqueness of Palmetto Bay
extends beyond the confines of home, into a realm of community amenities
that enrich your lifestyle. Dive into the cool waters of our pristine
pool, enjoy exquisite dining at our onsite restaurant and bar, explore
the depths with our dive shop, attend the daily exercise sessions if you
like, and benefit from the convenience of our onsite rental management.
The shared dock, white sand beach, and nature preserve invite you to
embrace the full spectrum of beachfront living, while under-home storage
offers ample space for bicycles and watersports equipment.

home is a masterpiece of design, featuring insulation for energy
efficiency, natural ventilation to embrace the island breezes, and air
conditioning in the bedrooms for those warmer nights. The verdant
landscaping around your home further enhances the sense of a private

In Palmetto Bay, every detail, from the lush
surroundings to the practical amenities under your home, has been
thoughtfully designed to offer not just a place to live, but a lifestyle
of unparalleled luxury and convenience. Here, you don’t just find a
home; you discover a lifestyle where every day is a blissful escape into

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